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September 2004:
Sunday People: Telepathically In Love - the album is available from 27th of September 2004 - check your local music dealer!

This album "Telepathically in Love" is made with an unbelievable sleaziness,
with quotations to their idols (like Kraftwerk, Human League, Air or
Massive Attack) and an irresistible charm, which provides sereneness and
good mood. Maybe this is the reason why the grooves slide pleasantly from
the head into the feet and surprisingly way again back into mind.

Sunday People: Telepathically in Love - best try out thyself - the music,
the love, the transmission... have a good time!

Sunday People Live

Some photos from "Sunday People" performing at the "Susha Night Festival", presented by MTV on September 18th, 2004 in Bucharest.