Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings

1996, in the evening: Pit Baumgartner and Haluk Soyoglu (initiator and manager of "Mole Listening Pearls"), meet coincidentally with a common friend.

A music cassette is pushed over the table and put in used sceptically: the demo tape of a friend of a friend - already again...

But obligation-guiltily the tape gets its chance. For both, being a blessing in disguise: the beginning of a friendship of many years and the birth of De-Phazz.

A few days later the two meet again, another few weeks later the first demos and PR infos are shipped and another few months later the De-Phazz-fever spreads out in press and music shops.

Three years, 2 De-Phazz-albums, numerous compilations and other artist albums later, Haluk leaves the label, in order to break new ground.

The friendship to Pit remains constant and about one year later Haluk arranges a meeting with Tim Renner and Christian Kellersmann in Hamburg at Universal Music.

This is the beginning...

Pit gets, what he earns: in the first year a Top20-Album and an ECHO nomination, followed by a Top10-Album and another 2 ECHO nominations.

Since Pit and Haluk dream about further audible adventures besides of De-Phazz, in co-operation with Universal Jazz they create their own label "Phazz-a-delic" at the end of 2001: experimental area and playground for new projects and solo albums of the individual De-Phazz-artists.

To be continued ...