… the roots of Phazz-a-delic date back many years, when the two friends Haluk Soyoglu (founder and label manager of Mole Listening Pearls, 1996-1999) and Pit Baumgartner (mastermind and producer of De-Phazz) started to create a music style, which has been described as “lounge music” a few years later …

De-Phazz became famous and Haluk Soyoglu took a creative break of the musik business …

In 2001 both founded their own new music label “Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings”, to develop a new common platform, which should enable themselves, friendly artists and also particularly new talents to create, publish and release sophisticated and extra-ordinary projects … – therefore “new format” also meant “format-breaking” – “new format recordings” refers thus not primarily on the form of the medium, but is a contentwise criterion for productions, which are not to stagnate in formatting.

Life is multicolored, beautiful, sad, sometimes terrible, but always exciting and full of different realizations, each person has another perception, another perspective, another knowledge and its personal history.

Since 2020 new to the office: Dirk Mahlstedt. Before that a longtime business companion, after taking action as manager of De-Phazz it has been kind of consequentially to appoint him to be a part of the team – in particular due to the inspiring colaboration.

The music of Phazz-a-delic, which often conveys these personal emotions and stories of life to the listeners, is the core, which centers Phazz-a-delic.



Music producer and sound painter (De-Phazz, Uke Dub Society);
re-mixer (AHA, Bert Kaempfert, Kool & The Gang, Kurtis Blow, Boy George and many more);
Children’s songs & radio play author (cassettes with the mouse, “Q”/WDR, ZDF and many more)
Phazz-a-delic label founder and after his radio wave infection in the 60s (Beat) always looking for the respective “soundtrack for life”.
Foto: Claus Geiss

Dirk Mahlstedt

After 25 years of activity in various areas of the music industry, Dirk Mahlstedt founded his own label “KÜNSTLERHAFEN” in 2016 with an affiliated management and consulting agency. In the years as head of the “Edel:Kultur” division of the Hamburg media group Edel AG, Pit Baumgartner and Haluk Soyoglu got to know each other all too long ago, when, among others, the labels “Phazzadelic” and “New Format Recordings” were looking for a sales-oriented home.
This in turn resulted from the previous, equally long-standing collaboration with Pit Baumgartner as mastermind of his band “De-Phazz”. As is well known, the paths always cross at least twice in a lifetime, when Dirk Mahlstedt now changed the side of the desk and became a direct part of the inner “Phazzadelic” DNA – always according to the motto of the ZDF anchorman Claus Kleber, whom Mahlstedt likes to quote: “We sell news, but we must never become news ourselves”. Foto: Kristin Schleych


CEO or rather „Head of Phazz-a-delic“, inventor of De-Phazz, from 1986 to 1996 resident DJ in several Clubs with surprising Dj-Sets by a mix of Electronica, contemporary Jazz and Adult Pop. Any formats, no conventions, no dogma except „music as music can“!
1996 founding “Mole Listening Pearls”, managing the music label till 1999, inventing several compilation-series and initiating De-Phazz; in 2001 he finally founded “Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings” with his business partner Pit Baumgartner (Mastermind of De-Phazz). Togetherness, versatility and lateral thinking are essential aspects of his label management and his way of thinking and living…