Milky Lasers – Voyage

1 hour ride behind a cow trailer, looking at cows shaking udder, became a starting point of Milky Lasers project. What if a cow could shoot laser beams out of it’s long dugs? Logicaly, it should be milk lasers!

Starting the moment, “milky lasers” became the words, describing kitsch and parody. Full of 80’s and 90’s triviality sounds, music, as described by Milky’s, is electronic-punk-jazz-rock. With no idea how this style will evolve in future, „Milky Lasers“ keeps experimenting with colourful samples, live instruments, voices and sound effects, balancing between easy listening jazzy melodies and complete electronic chaos.

Project members have no musical education, but this case doesn’t cause difficulties to become most wanted party guests and even one track being released by Italian “Irma records” (peculiar “Gali gerci gerci” remix). Such events couldn’t be unnoticed: soon young promotional agency “Brown Dot” put a believe on miraculous sounds of „Milky Lasers“. As a result of this cooperation, Milky’s entered local and foreign scene, also taking part in international festivals and met Phazz-a-delic!

Andrius Sarapovas, ideological leader, musician and producer is backed by Rokas Domereckas (rhythmics, vocals, DJ’ing), Egle Jauncemaite (vocals, lyrics), Juste Arlauskaite (vocals, lyrics) and Vytis Smolskas (keyboard). Many more people support Milky Lasers on shows, which are usually crowded with musicians: DJ, scratch DJ, beat maker, guitars, piano, vocalists, flute, sax and even beatboxing …

Milky’s potential is unlimited: Chinese romantics, Russian fables, French elegancy, Lithuanian innocence mixed with milk and lasers explodes to first full album release. „Voyage“ at the German music label Phazz-a-delic represents both sides of Milky Lasers: the softness and purity of milk, and cruelty and sharpness of lasers.


Album: Voyage

Artist: Milky Lasers
Genre: adult pop / electro jazz
Kat.Nr.: 0505.1.010
EAN: 4260082360102
Label: Phazz-a-delic
Distribution: Soulfood (GSA)/ Mconnexion (Export)
Release: 13. Juni 2005



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