Weeland – Nachhaus Zurück

Soul Offshore…

Patrick Wieland is a musician who experienced a variety of different sounds! Before he became the recent sideman of Max Herre, he had joined popular bands, such as Fantastische Vier and Die Happy as a guitar player on stage.

Whilst working with the band “Siamoon”, which first won the John-Lennon-Award and later on performed in the crowded stadium of Johannesburg during the World Environmental Forum and joined by millions on tv, he could proof his talent as a songwriter. With his new project “weeland” and the debut longplayer “nachhaus zurück”, Patrick Wieland has reached his personal midst. The soul of the Sevienties is easily being linked with influences of NuSoul, which is mainly about sensing the warmth of real organic soul. “It has been a huge challenge to write real German Soul Music, which scoops out of the traditional Soul and R’n’B and which sounds casual – even in my mother language. It shouldn’t be Pop with a Soul icing, but real soul!”, says Wieland for whom his album “nachhaus zurück” is a matter dear to his heart.

With his recent album, produced in his own studio with decent means, Wieland shows not only that he is a talented songwriter who has got what it takes to give a fresh impetus to the German R’n’B and soul szene. And he does it without being cheesy or artificial. Almost every song is made in a traditional style. Nothing sounds cluttered: it’s all about emotions, goose bumps and soul. Deliberately, he bets on German lyrics and the voice of Ralf Damrath.

Patrik Wieland has proved his extremely convincing quality as a producer and arranger in “nachhaus zurück” the way he appointed the horn player, Joo Kraus, Hendrik Smock on drums, Lillo Scrimali and Maik Schott on keyboards, or Philipp Kullmann on percussion. And his music is and has Soul: even if you don’t speak a lick of german, you can feel his soul shine’n through…


Album: Nachhaus Zurück

Artist: Weeland
Genre: Soul/Pop
Kat.Nr.: phazz022
EAN: 4260082360225
Distribution: edel music distribution
Label: New Format / Phazz-a-delic
Release: 21. April 2006