On 11 March 2021, the illustrator, children’s book author and writer Horst Eckert aka Janosch celebrates his 90th birthday! A wonderful occasion for Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings to re-release the joint project by Janosch and jazz guitarist Christian Eckert (no relation to the author!), which was released in April 2008, on 5 March in a limited edition.

Sapporo Meets Jazz” combines a music production with Janosch’s illustration book “Flieg Vogel Flieg“, which has been out of print since 1971, in the form of a lavish digi-book. Christian Eckert, who grew up in a prominent Frankfurt APO flat-sharing community, processed childhood memories in the form of electronic language collages with modern jazz. An illustrated sound document that takes an intimate look at both the ’68 past and present of all the artists involved.Janosch was very touched when he was able to hold his out-of-print book in his hands again in 2008 after more than 30 years. It was always one of his favourite books.

Album: Sapporo Meets Janosch

Release: 05. März 2021
Label: Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings/Alive

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